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Cool Gizmo Toys

Publication Date: May 2012

Geek out with These Ten Uber Cool Chrome Extensions

This post is pretty straightforward. I had to research and write about ten different Chrome extensions (add-ons) for geeks.


Yamgo TV Guest Blog

Publication Date: Feb 2013

Why Android Beats iPhone for Entertainment

The idea behind this guest post for Yamgo TV was to tailor the content specifically for Android lovers while maintaining a related topic. It was to generate interest and drive traffic to the site from a particular audience.

It has since been removed from the site. Damn it, Jim, I’m a writer, not a Doctor!


Tech Cocktail

Publication Date: Sept 2014

7 Ways Web Animation Will Spruce Up Your Site

This guest post for Tech Cocktail ( offers developers and web designers advice on sprucing up their site, specifically with animation. Walt Disney would be proud.


Website Magazine

Publication Date: Sept 2014

The Problems With Parallax Design

This guest post for Website Magazine discusses the idea that parallax design is not always ideal and that it has its fair share of problems.



Publication Date: Oct 2014

The WordPress Vulnerability Database That Will Help You Secure Your Site

This guest post for UnmatchedStyle provides valuable insights on securing a WordPress powered blog from outside attacks.


CMS Critic

Publication Date: Oct 2014

8 WordPress Security Tips to Help You Secure Your WordPress Site

This guest post for CMS Critic provides valuable insights on securing a WordPress powered blog from outside attacks. I’m sensing a pattern here.

Yes, this content was written by me despite being published under another author’s name.



Publication Date: 2016

Word Count: 10,200+ across 5 Chapters

The Complete Guide to Managing Remote Employees

This comprehensive guide for an SEO client provides valuable insights on managing a successful remote team. It also explores the need for a proper project management system.

This content was written by me and published under another author’s name.


Pet Blog Lady

Publication Date: Jan 2017

The PetSafe Smart Door Is Amazing, Here’s Why

This guest post for Pet Blog Lady – commissioned by Ideaing – is about a smart pet door, and it offers a related link back to our content.


Digital Connect Mag

Publication Date: Jan 2017

What Can Smart Home Tech Do for Your Business

This guest post for Digital Connect Mag – commissioned by Ideaing – is about smart home technology, IoT and what benefits they can offer business owners.


You’re a Saint

If you made it this far, you’re a saint! I’d give you a cookie, but that’s tough to do over the internet.