Here, you’ll find a larger collection of testimonials from clients and employers that endorse my work.




“Briley is a strong writer who has ‘free reign’ on our sites now to post whenever he can, we trust him and the quality of his work that much.” – Colin Klinkert



“Briley has always been my go-to guy for the Tales of Illyria series. Anytime I need something done with quality and speed, he’s always been there. His work is creative and imaginative, and we owe a great deal of the success of our game to him!” – Chad Maniccia



Chris Kite“A true renaissance man, Briley has produced content across Code 9 Media, Inc. properties since 2013. His reliability, creativity and diligence is hard to find. I am able to focus on managing the business while knowing content is in great hands!” – Chris Kite