Because a lot of my work is either produced for a confidential client, or published under a different byline, I cannot share links or samples. However, I can share some of the topics and ideas I have used.


  • AI and Machine Learning In the Executive Business Center
  • Best Practices for Building Engagement Within Your Online Community
  • Be Like Amazon: Steps for Becoming More Customer-Focused
  • Chatbots Will Streamline Common Business Tasks
  • Here’s Exactly How to Revive Your Stale Marketing Strategy
  • How B2C and B2B Developers Can Riff-Off Each Other
  • How ISO Certification Can Increase Productivity
  • How Retailers Are Using Big Data to Improve Shopping
  • How Service Departments Can Practice Lean
  • How to Keep Remote Teams Engaged
  • Stronger Marketing Means Avoiding Logical Fallacies
  • Strategies to Improve Long-Term Remote Work Environments
  • Understanding Crisis Management vs. Incident Response
  • What SMBs Need to Know About ISO Certification

Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, and NFTs

  • Bitcoin Security: A New Investment Concern
  • Changing the Game: How GameStop’s New NFT Market Introduces the Mainstream
  • Check Out These Free Play-to-Earn Crypto Games
  • Crypto Investing vs. Digital Asset Investing: What’s the Difference
  • FinTech: Here’s What Experts Have to Say About Cryptocurrencies
  • How the Blockchain Benefits the Legal Industry
  • How the SECs Ruling Could Boost Crypto Growth
  • How to Leverage Blockchain Technology for Your Business
  • Is the Blockchain Really Safe
  • Is Web3 the Same as Crypto, or Something Else?
  • NFTs for Dummies: Everything You Need to Know
  • What Do NFTs Have to Do with Crypto
  • What Are Major Barriers to Crypto Adoption


  • Cold Weather Construction Tips
  • How the Cloud Has Changed the Construction Industry
  • How to Apply Lean Manufacturing Principles to Construction
  • Preparing Construction Equipment for Long-Term Winter Storage
  • Critical Trenching and Excavation Tips
  • The Pros and Cons to Generative AI in Cybersecurity


  • All About the IoT Cybersecurity Improvement Act of 2020
  • Almost a Year Later: The True Impact of GDPR
  • Artificial Intelligence in Defensive Cybersecurity
  • How Your Business Can Prepare for the Risk of Reliance on IIoT Devices
  • Data Protection, Cybersecurity, and Privacy In the Age of Mobile
  • Go-To Rules for Keeping Computers Secure
  • Mission Critical: Implementing Reliable Cybersecurity for the Smart Grid
  • Why Your Company Website Is Vulnerable to Malware


  • X Ideas for Resolving Money Conflicts with Your Spouse
  • Emerging Technologies and the Future of Finance and Banking
  • DeFi and the Future of Finance
  • Financial News Summary
  • The Cost of Rising Inflation on ESG-Themed Targets
  • Understanding Stock Valuations
  • What to Consider Before Investing in Rental Property


  • Medical Evolution: This Surface Coating Will Change Medical Implants Forever
  • Understanding HIPAA Compliance Within the Data Center
  • What the Healthcare Industry Can Learn from Modern Manufacturers


  • X Critical Marketing Lessons SMBs Can Learn from Large Corporations
  • X Marketing Risk Management Mistakes to Avoid
  • Customer Segmentation and What It Means for Your Business
  • How to Use AI to Improve Your Marketing Campaign
  • How ChatGPT Changes the Way Marketers Create Content
  • New Marketing Trends
  • Small Business Marketing Guide
  • Tips to Revive a Stale Marketing Strategy
  • What Does IOT Marketing Actually Look Like?
  • What to Know Before Becoming a Live Event Planner


  • Automation Trends In Auto Manufacturing
  • Benefits of Rapid Prototyping for PCBs
  • Keys to Building More Autonomous Manufacturing Systems
  • Reasons to Choose EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) Over Other Methods
  • The Growth of Advanced Robotics in Manufacturing
  • The Major Benefits of Pre-Compliance EMC Testing
  • The Role of Elastomers In E-Textiles
  • The Top Challenges Facing Sustainable Sourcing and Procurement
  • What Does Green Manufacturing Actually Look Like?
  • What Are Energy-Aware Manufacturing Policies?

Supply Chain

  • 3D Printing Is Shaping the Future of Warehouses
  • Here’s How AI Is Revolutionizing the Supply Chain
  • How Supply Chains Can Make Safety Practices More of a Priority
  • How Supply Chain Challenges Impact the Commercial Aviation Industry
  • The Benefits of Technology In the Food Supply Chain


  • All of the Companies Testing Autonomous Cars, Right Now
  • Best Practices for IT Sustainability
  • Big Data and Its Contribution to Climate Change
  • Dissecting the New Generation of Supersonic Jets In Production
  • Evolution of the Arcade: How Gaming Has Changed
  • Five Dangers You May Find In the Wilds
  • The Top Graphic Design Trends That Will Rule the Industry
  • Smart Data Will Divide Every Industry
  • These Robots Build Dream Homes
  • The Best Schedule-Based WordPress Plugins
  • The Digital Transformation of the Energy Industry
  • The Top Front-End UX Design Technologies
  • How to Determine the Value of Your Used Phone
  • When Will 3D Printing Become More Affordable