Here, I will include a list of the websites I have either helped design or create from scratch. I don’t normally offer web-design services, but I love to work with WordPress, so if you really would like the help feel free to reach out.

It’s something I do because I enjoy the work and creativity, not because I need or necessarily want the money.


That doesn’t mean I’ll work for nothing, sorry. 


never do it for free joker

Tales of Illyria

Created for the game Tales of Illyria and its sequels. I installed the theme, customized it, and created all the web content.



This is my site – and my brother’s – and I am completely responsible for the theme, design, content, and more.



This is also my site. It is my pride and joy and where I invest a lot of my free time. I don’t intend for it to be an all-encompassing game and news site. Instead, it’s just a personal blog or journal if you will.


V Patton Estate Sale Options

This site was created for an acquaintance to help her business succeed. The design and content was primarily created by me. She may or may not have the time to continue updating the site herself.


AMP Tutorial

Not my site, it’s actually a Code 9 Media property. It was my responsibility to customize the theme and create content, however.


Coach Kirk Broussard Sports

I helped put together a site for former NFL coach Kirk Broussard to showcase his football camps and brand.