Experience: 3 Years (2008 – 2011)

Position: Contributing Editor

I wrote unbiased product reviews on various products ranging all the way from consumer electronics to mini appliances.

The typical review involves describing each product in greater detail and outlining key features that make it stand out from similar products.

The actual reviews for each product were completed by the community (wiki style), so my position was more about identifying each product. At first glance, it may seem like the only reviews I offered were those in the comments, but I actually wrote hundreds of product descriptions on the site. They are not tied to any particular account.

The site has since been sold by its original creators and no longer uses the same review and publication process.



Experience: 1 Year (2010 – 2011)

Position: Contributing Editor

While writing for TravelWires I provided tips and information for hoteliers about using social media properly for advertising and marketing.

I also reviewed several hotel websites regarding their overall proficiency and design techniques.

The site has since converted to a news and press release aggregation service.


Bright Hub

Experience: 1 Year (2012)

Position: Contributing Editor

At one time, Bright Hub was a crowdsourced information platform. They hired third-party writers to create content for the site, which would build brand rapport and revenue.

I wrote a great deal of long-form articles, primarily on tech-related topics. A few of my articles are still live on the site.



Experience: 2 Years (2010 – 2012)

Position: Managing Editor

I served as a managing editor, producing and editing content. We delivered news, rumors and reviews on various gadgets and entertainment. For a time, we also hosted a podcast, in which I played an integral role.



Experience: 6 Months (2011)

Position: Contributing Editor

I wrote tutorials, guides, and how-tos about WordPress.


Android Headlines

Experience: 5 Months (2012 – 2013)

Position: Managing Editor

During my time with Android Headlines, I produced and optimized content for publication on the web. I was one of several managing editors who selected and assigned topics to writers and ensured that content was published in a timely fashion. As part of my editorial duties, I managed the website’s social media accounts.



Experience: 5 Months (2012 – 2013)

Position: Contributing Editor

I created fresh content daily on the latest Android news and rumors. During my time with AndroidPit, I produced and optimized content for publication on the web. I chose my own topics and managed my own time as I was free to write on whatever I pleased. The position required extensive time management skills and self-discipline.



Experience: 9 Months (2013)

Position: Contributing Editor

During my time with Dottech, I produced reviews on various Android apps and Windows programs. I also produced timely news content, tutorials, root guides, how-tos and more.



Experience: 2 Months (2013)

Position: Contributing Editor

I was hired to create product information pages for various handgun lasers and sights. This was contract work, not meant to be long-term.


The Tech Labz

Experience: 3 Years+ (2010 – 2013), 3 Years+ (2015 – 2018)

Position: Contributing Editor

I produced fresh content on a daily basis related to technology and a variety of other minor subjects. My content production requirements included basic reviews, news posts and of course the occasional product tutorial.

My position required an exceptional understanding of technology, alongside an intelligible grasp of SEO marketing and how it relates to content production.

I continued to write for this company from the time I was hired until they sold the site for profit.

My client, Colin Klinkert, had this to say about me:

“Briley is a strong writer who has ‘free reign’ on our sites now to post whenever he can, we trust him and the quality of his work that much.”


Blackberry Rocks

Experience: 3 Years (2010 – 2013)

Position: Contributing Editor

Blackberry Rocks was another site owned by client Colin Klinkert (from The Tech Labs).

I produced fresh content on a daily basis related to technology and a variety of other minor subjects. My content production requirements included basic reviews, news posts and, of course, the occasional product tutorial.

My position required an exceptional understanding of technology, alongside an intelligible grasp of SEO marketing and how it relates to content production.


Little Killerz

Experience: 2 Years+ (2012 – 2017)

Position: Contributing Editor, Script Writer, Event Editor

The game is called Tales of Illyria (in development). My position with Little Killerz is to flesh out the game system and story by creating unique events experienced by players in-game. I work independently to produce content, which is then entered into a unique editor. I am not supervised and am provided free reign. This means I must manage my time and duties wisely.

We have now developed three titles in the series, including Tales of Illyria Episode One, Tales of Illyria Beyond the Iron Wall and Tales of Illyria Rogue.

I designed the company website and personally produced a large majority of the content therein.


Confidential SEO Company

Experience: 10 Years+ (2013 – Present)

Position: Contributing Editor

I produce regular content for the company, which is essentially a content marketing firm. They assign articles with various stipulations and guidelines, and I must follow the instructions and turn in my work before the deadline.

All of my work produced for the company is published under different names, primarily those of the team members I work for.

Because of an NDA/contract agreement, I cannot provide samples of my work, however it numbers in the hundreds.


Code 9 Media

Experience: 5 Years+ (2013 – 2018)

Position: Content Manager, Contributing Editor

I produced timely content on all of the company sites which include Smartwatches, RadonResources, CodeConquest, StickGames, WorldTimeServer, Python for Beginners,, and more.

I managed a team of writers and editors to ensure content production went smoothly.

I also handled a great deal of busy work for the company and my employer, Chris Kite. It involved projects like spreadsheet creation, research, social media marketing, and resource generation for the other team members.



Experience: 6 Months (2015)

Position: Contributing Editor

During my time with Overmental, I produced content for the site on geek-related topics like movies, games, gadgets and more. If you like comics or comic book movies, then it’s a great place for you! Check it out.

The type of content I created included timely news, features, unique editorials, and columns.

My work has since been attributed to Overmind, the admin account for the site.


Colin Klinkert Dot Com LTD

Experience: 1 Year (2016)

Position: VP of Operations

Colin got back in touch with me after a hiatus and offered me a higher position with his company as VP of Operations. We handle several websites, marketing for those sites, and much more.

I facilitate the necessary maintenance of the company’s main toolset at and



Experience: 3 Months (2017)

Position: Contributing Editor

I wrote buyer’s guides and product features on a variety of tech and unique gadgets.

Experience: 6 Months (2019)

Position: Contributing Editor

I wrote how-to and tutorial types articles for several platforms, including Windows, Android and more. Generally, the content was geared towards the layman and not tech-savvy audiences. I no longer work at TechZillo, so anything that has been published under my name after 2019 is not mine.

Experience: 6 Years+ (2016 – 2022)

Position: Contributing Editor

I write a variety of articles on smart home products and entertainment. I also handle outreach for the site, by promoting existing content and facilitating guest posts on other portals.

Eventually, the site switched to a deals format, which meant I sourced and posted new deals daily. I also managed the bi-weekly newsletter (Mailchimp) by overseeing the subscriber lists, creating new campaigns and more.



Experience: August 2019 – 2021

Position: Site Partner/Collaborator

Like many of my other projects, I produce regular content for Nerdformer and help manage many aspects of the brand. I also frequently post new products and deals.



Experience: September 2019 – March 2020

Position: Contributing Editor

I wrote helpful and informative content for Lifewire. Although my time with Lifewire was brief, I enjoyed it very much. Unfortunately, the company decided to eliminate the “how-to” and guides team and focus on news-based content.



Experience: November 2019 – 2021

Position: Contributing Editor

For GadgetReview, I created “best of” lists and long-form content, most of which were assigned to me by an editor. I researched not only the topic but also the products and items featured on each list.


Digital Trends Media Group (DTMG)

I am the Senior SEO Copywriter for Digital Trends Media Group on the Commerce Strategy team. As part of the role, I help create content for Digital Trends and many of its affinity sites, including:

Digital Trends

Experience: 3+ Years (May 2021 – Present)

Position: Senior SEO Copywriter

For Digital Trends, I create organic content, work with sponsored brands and representatives to craft personalized pieces and help edit content produced by the rest of the team(s). I also work with the Commerce Sales and Direct Sales teams to build content campaigns for new clients.

As a content manager, I help organize, ideate and engage with freelancers and other content teams. Moreover, I help produce social amplification copy, optimize for search, track insights and progress, and produce auxiliary copy for a variety of projects.

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