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I'm an exceptionally skilled writer, designer, and entrepreneur.

Briley Kenney

Contributing Editor | Content Manager | VP of Operations
I'm 32 years old, and I have been a freelance writer/entrepreneur for over a decade now.

You might know me from my work with Code 9 Media. I served as a Content Manager and sidekick for the CEO and founder, Chris Kite. He's a cool guy and he's given me a lot of free rein.

Presently, I am a member of the Ideaing team. I was originally hired to write about smart home products, entertainment and more. It has since been converted to a deals-based site. As such, I post new deals on a daily basis and manage several aspects of the brand including a bi-weekly email newsletter.

Also, I am a member of the Lifewire team. We produce how-to-based content that educates others about topics such as technology, software, current events and more.

Finally, I also work for [confidential SEO company] generating content on a daily basis. Most of the work I create for the company is published under different bylines. I have also signed an NDA which is why I cannot disclose the name.

Unfortunately, what really matters is what you don't see. A great deal of my content has been published under a different byline. It's likely you've read my content somewhere and didn't even know!

In my free time, I work with Little Killerz on an Android-based RPG called Tales of Illyria. I created the website copy and tailored most of the design elements. Recently, we released the third episode in the series. Across all three games I have personally written more than 250,000 words.

If you want to see a complete list of projects I've worked on over the years, pay a visit to my portfolio.

If you want to see some of my separately published work (guest articles, magazines, misc.), see the published work page.

If you want to know more about me, check out the bio page.

If you want to get in touch, head on over to the contact page.

Thank you for reading! I look forward to hearing from you.


This is the stuff I'm good at!

To create a website you need working knowledge of HTML.

I have designed several websites including the examples listed here.

SEO optimization really starts at the foundation. You cannot plug keywords in and hope to succeed.

I work with SEO on a daily basis to optimize content. All of my articles include high-ranking keywords, meta details, and more.

In today's politically correct world, it's not enough to write. You must also be able to edit your own content and ensure it's free of grammatical and contextual errors.

I am an experienced content manager, and I have been tasked with managing a team of like-minded creators many times over.

Give me a topic and I'll do the research and give you a solid, engaging piece of content. I am a true Renaissance Man.

During my career, I have created a veritable treasure trove of content on a variety of topics. Those topics include technology, hoteliers and hospitality, video games, Wordpress tutorials, pets, health and fitness, parenting and more.

Check out my portfolio for a list of projects I've been a part of. You can also take a look at more of my published work here.

Naturally, you use software like Microsoft Office to do your writing, and additional tools like Photoshop to edit images.

The list of software applications I am familiar with is long, and virtually endless. Every day I learn something new. It includes Excel, Word, Google Docs, Dropbox, Asana, WordPress, Grammarly, screen capture tools, video editing apps, and much more.

While I do know HTML and CSS well enough to create website from scratch, I prefer to use WordPress.

I have created multiple sites in WordPress including this one, Vulgamer, Techigar, AMP Tutorial, and many others.

I also work with WordPress and other CMS platforms daily to publish content.

Needless to say, I am well-versed.

What is writing usually accompanied by? Images!

I spend a lot of time finding relevant images - or capturing them. I also have experience editing photos by adding watermarks, text, and making enhancements.

Since a young age, I have always been fascinated with computers.

I have built several custom computers for myself, family, friends, and colleagues.

After you create content it must be promoted.

Over the years, I have handled the social media accounts for Code 9 Media, Ideaing, and many others. If you want help promoting content on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and more, I'm your man.

"Briley is a strong writer who has 'free reign' on our sites now to post whenever he can, we trust him and the quality of his work that much." - Colin Klinkert

"Briley has always been my go-to guy for the Tales of Illyria series. Anytime I need something done with quality and speed, he's always been there. His work is creative and imaginative, and we owe a great deal of the success of our game to him!" - Chad Maniccia

"A true renaissance man, Briley has produced content across Code 9 Media, Inc. properties since 2013. His reliability, creativity and diligence is hard to find. I am able to focus on managing the business while knowing content is in great hands!" - Chris Kite


My mad skills, yo.

Web Dev


If you write it, people will read it... or something like that.

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